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Homie is the childhood friend that makes you feel safe and grounded. A bare bone alternative to Franz, a similar app that manages your favourite web services. It was created to provide a distraction free environment that's dead simple and extensible. Configure the app by updating the preferences and reloading, icons are automatically picked up by the domain and matched against a local bank of symbols.

Homie avatar by Rose Hallgren.

If you want to make changes to the source and build your own visit https://github.com/jonasjohansson/homie and follow the instructions.

Configuring Homie

Homie has a raw interface that uses the default services of the operative system. It is a deliberate decision that encourages ownership, transparency and education.

Press  ⌘ Cmd+, to open the preferences in your default text editor.

Add a bookmark

Highlight a block starting from any open curly bracket to the next closed curly bracket. Be mindful that the order of which these blocks are placed as it defines the order of representation within the app. In the screenshot below I have also included the comma sign, this is important.

Copy and paste and you will see the same block appear underneath. Edit the url contents to fit your needs, save the file and then restart Homie to see the changes.


There are a few ways to reset Homie in case the preferences have become messed up. Either go to Help and Reset or delete all text in the preferences file, save and restart Homie.

Updated 28 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJonas Johansson


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